Merchants Meeting September 2017

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

Sept 6, 2017

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes  - as read


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Art’s Trail Mural Application Update
      • Funding received, committee meeting to finalize concept and preview app
      • Also considering a winter festival and will keep Merchants updated – tentative for mid-January
    • Branding Project Update
      • Meeting with working group to review survey results
    • Business After Hours
    • Holiday
      • Committee: Mardy Demerais, Julie Snellman, Avery Sorenson, Jacy and Dina
      • Start to plan and bring ideas to Oct meeting


Old Business

  • Selfie Spot Contest
    • Next Drawing –Oct 31
    • Dina has more signs if you need them.
  • Star Gazing Event Feedback
    • Went well over 40 attendees
    • Look to do more events in future


New Business

  • Discussion – September Late Night Opening/BAH to offset construction during summer season, focus on 1st Ave businesses
    • Committee would fully support a Business After Hours co-hosted by all the 1st ave businesses that are chamber members.
    • May look to take this model (multiple businesses at one time) for BAH going forward. To do a few times a year, instead of one business at a time.
  • Discussion – Potential of Farmer’s market for Summer 2018
    • Alesha Ereaux (AE Catering, chamber member) is interested in chairing a Farmer’s Market for Malta this Spring on Tuesday nights, at Trafton park, once/twice a month for June, July and August
    • It would house under the Chamber for continuity.
    • Booth fee for each attendee, that would ultimately self-fund for advertising, insurance
    • Committee was in support of continuing to explore this option and Dina to report back any progress before fully committing to a Farmer’s Market
  • Discussion – Painted Rocks for advertising
    • The rock painting and hiding trend has hit full swing. Recommendation to paint a few with your business logo on them, and if found and returned, the patron receives a discount/special item, etc.  Very low cost advertising.
  • Sept 19 (at Member’s meeting) – Montana PTAC workshop on learning how to contract with the government.


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