Merchants Meeting June 2017

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

June 7, 2017

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes – as read

In attendance:  Kathy B., Mardy, Jacy, Leslie, Eric, Kathy O, Julie, Avery, Dina, Katherine McMahon


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Billboard 191 S, Billboard Hwy 2 both done
    • Art’s Trail Mural Application Update
      • With Office of General Counsel – hope for fund distribution within 2 weeks and then will coordinate updated timelines
    • Beginning branding project started with PhillCo
      • July 11 presenting to City and County
    • Car Show feedback?
      • 82 cars
      • Vendor Side: the size is getting bigger, should we recommend and also consider for Crazy Days, establishing a “seating chart” for the vendors, so that everyone has the space and resources they need.
    • Business After Hours
      • May 4 Patty’s – Feedback – good day, busy and helped to do own advertising on top of Chambers.
      • June 15 – PCMS - confirmed
      • July- tentative Radio Shack/Family Matters Jul 13 until 7pm



Old Business

  • Selfie Spot Contest
    • Next drawing July 31
    • Spot is at Tulips and Treasures
  • Kristin Barnett – Mother’s Day Drawing Winner
  • Fathers Day Drawing – basket in Chamber window
    • If have any other contributions, get to Dina and start collecting tickets.
  • Crazy Days – July 29
    • Dina has parking side street closure form and requested event insurance
    • Participants
      • Water Slide
      • Food?
      • Who else is interested or reach out to?
      • Music?
      • Art Spot – Sidewalk chalk and will need space at south/southwest corner for chalk (in front of the memorials)
      • Dina and Jacy to send out requests to usual attendees
      • Advertisements weeks of July 19 and 26


New Business

  • Shopping Survey Results Discussion and Action Items
    • 93 Respondents
    • See Graphs attached to email for high level overview
    • Dina to send digital versions to Merchants group, and they will have through June 26 to collect any additional paper surveys.
    • Will review entire results at July Merchants meeting
  • NOTE: because of holiday July meeting will be July 12, noon at Stretch’s.


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