Merchants Meeting July 2017

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

July 12, 2017

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes  - as read

In attendance: Kathy B., Kate M., Lori, Jacy, Mardy, Kathy O., Kaylee, Julie, Dina


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Art’s Trail Mural Application Update – group will meet again in September. Opportunity Link will propose extending deadline for installations to 2018, as they are outdoors. Testing draw down of funds this week.
    • Beginning branding project update – malta city and county approved. Finalizing plans to launch survey and working group.
  • Business After Hours
    • June 15 – PCMS   Not good attendance.
    • July 13 - tentative Radio Shack/Family Matters – tomorrow, please attend



Old Business

  • Selfie Spot Contest
    • Next drawing July 31
    • Spot is at PCN
  • Fathers Day Drawing Winner – Lynn Simonson
  • Crazy Days – July 29 10am-1pm (for park vendors)
    • Ads out next week
    • Event Insurance and Street Closure in Place
    • Park Vendors
      • Art Spot – Chalk Drawing
      • Snow cones -  Trinity Raymond
      • Younique and JBloom -  Brianna Anderson
      • Avon -    Jacy
      • Pink Zebra  - Patience Wiltse
      • Paparazzi - Chayana Stolem
      • crafts/baked goods - Beth Casebolt
      • Dunk tank  - Junior Class
      • Slide  - Salsbery boys
      • Rodan and Fields – Bridgette Kluck
      • Young Living Oils – Kacee McNally
      • Usborne Books and Mad Gab Photos – Katrina Rich
      • LuLuRoe – Meghan Newman
      • Craft items– Katie Skiff
      • Hutterites – veggies
      • Clothing – Macy Hould
      • Smokey Bear

New Business

  • Job and Career Shadowing
    • Reach out to Becky and Darlene and the Malta schools
    • Could we do a 1 day tour where stop at several locations for a few minutes at each and learn about a wide cross section of career options.
  • Shopping Survey Results Discussion and Action Items
    • See Graphs attached to email for high level overview
    • Dina to write a “did you know” article with results
    • Start to build a set of resources for merchants to use, as they consider actions for their specific industries.
      • Customer Service Training at employee level
      • Bear Paw customer and business training resources
      • PhillCo for new or extending businesses
    • Consider doing this again next summer, to see if we can see any trends/differences.
    • Drawing winner for survey – Jolene Amestoy


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