Merchant Meeting November 2017

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

Nov 1, 2017

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes  - as read

In Attendance: Kathy O, Lori, Eric, Dara, April R, Dathy B, Avery, Kaylee, Sarah, Julie and Jacy


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Art’s Trail Mural
      • Kathy did a presentation on Hi Line arts trail and had a handout
    • Winter Festival
      • Julie is working on a grant and Dina in contact with Amy
    • Branding Project
      • Branding project was tabled (Dina)
    • Business After Hours
      • Looking at starting a new monthly business promotion. Idea was that there would be one business in focus for the month, highlighting what they have to offer. With possibly a late night opening towards the end of the month
      • Perhaps a ribbon cutting and grand opening for Coffee Corner (formerly 3 Sisters) after April is ready/
    • Holiday
      • Parade of lights was a great success with lots of people out and about
      • Everyone enjoyed coloring book, with not many changes
      • Jaycy did the ads for all events in November and has some scheduled in December as well
      • Business Walk around scheduled and Dina will get buses scheduled and start at museum


Old Business

  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Farmer’s Market
    • Alisha Ereaux is ready to chair the project. Working on grants to fund initial advertising, as well as looking into insurance and licensing requirements.
  • Scrip
    • Need to print a week earlier for banks to make count


New Business

  • Holiday Calendar of Events Discussion
    • Event calendar had few changes, most already covered
  • Volleyball Tournament – Nov 2-4, Hospitality Room and Blue Vest Volunteers, please have stuff there when scheduled
  • Putt Crawl – Nov 11
  • Next meeting discuss Parade of Lights route

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