Merchant Meeting January 2018

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

Jan 3, 2018

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes - as read

In Attendance: Kathy O, Kathy B, Eric, April R, Alisha G, Avery, Sarah, Julie, Mardy and Ann


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Art’s Trail App
      • Kathy reported it’s still progressing and currently looking for an Executive Director, as well as more places to add to the app.
    • Winter Festival
      • Nothing to report, tabled till further notice
    • Branding Project
  • Meeting set for 6pm Thursday January 4th to go over new proofs


Old Business

  • Holiday
    • Holly to Jolly Promo totaling $1095 gross income
    • Discussed again Eye Spy the need to promote everyone to turn in cards, even if not complete and clarify business hours of participating businesses
    • Coloring Books a huge success, many requests to continue
    • Chamber Buttons Sales were down $200, Ann to look into
    • Discussed the costs of promoting the events to Chamber. Ideas of looking into the costs verse the increase in revenue. Example, more bags sold this year than last, so more revenue

New Business

  • Divisional Wrestling Tournament Feb 3
  • Jessi Pankratz will be in contact Mr. King about hospitality room. Will notify about volunteers and donations
  • Valentine’s Day Promotion
  • Discussed each business will decide if they will have any and be responsible for each
  • Middle School basketball tournaments coming up January 20th and February 10th.
  • Discussed displaying event boards with signs from local businesses to attract visitors to patronize their establishments. Julie and Ann will finalize details on this and be in contact with local businesses to get their adds
  • 2018 Calendar of events - Regular July meeting to fall on the 4th, all in agreement to move to the 11th. Check emails for any further changes

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