Merchant Meeting February 2018

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

Feb 7th, 2018

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes – as read

In attendance: Kathy, Alisha, Mardy, Eric, Kaylee and Ann


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Art’s Trail App
    • Branding Project-Meeting Thursday January 4th
  • Three new images viewed, sent feedback and waiting for new images
  • o Visited about Farmers Market
  • Discussed months it will be held and possible advertising options.


Old Business

  • Divisional Wrestling Feb 3rd
  • No hospitality room
  • Dino Dollars instead



New Business

  • Triangle Tech Tuesday, Malta Business Center
  • 2 classes on Internet Security & File Sharing and 1 on gadgets
  • Classes are free-part of Triangle Give Back Program
  • Storefront/ Window Decorating Contest
  • Judging takes place Wed Feb 14th
  • HiLine Technology Quick Books Class, March 5th and 7th
  • o Presented by Bear Paw, Free of charge
  • Feb 27th-HiLIne Technology presents Useful Apps and Backing up Photos and Contacts
  • Dara and Eric Wilke to teach, may charge a small fee to help with costs

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