Members Meeting September 2017

Tuesday September 19, 2017

Malta Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting

Westside Restaurant


  1. Call to Order
  2. Member Round Robin

                -Shortened to accommodate speaker

III. Committee and Administrative Reports

  • Merchants
  • Parade of Lights/Octoberfest/Scrip Kickoff– Oct 2
  • Sports
    • Divisional Volleyball Tournament Nov 2-4 – Blue Vest/Hospitality Room
  • Arts
    • Arts Trail Mural funding received, Arts Trail App Previewed
    • Potential Winter Ice and Light Festival in January
  • Membership
    • Dues:  $12640.00
      • Renewals: Consolidated Veterinary, Blue Rock Distributing Company, Heartland Recreation Corp., Northwest Farm Credit Services, Phillips County Hospital & Clinic, Buechler Farmers Insurance Group, First State Bank, Ezzie's Wholesale, F. L. Robinson LLC, Kiwanis, Donnys Framing Shop/Bohn's Bones/Art Spot, Westside Sports/Malta Marine, Shear Essence, Stretch's Pizza, Northwest Realty, Edgewater Inn & RV Park, Horizon Resources, Fritz Prellwitz, Big Flat Electric Cooperative, Great Northern Hotel & Maltana Motel, R&G Quality Feed & Supply, Albertson's, Phillips County Title Company, Jim & Lesley Robinson
      • New members: AE Catering, Hitchin Post Café, Gone to Pieces
    • Scrip:  $830.00
  • Tourism and Marketing
    • 1,261 Facebook Likes  585 Instagram Followers
    • Guest Instagrammers:  Sept – Dave Rummel,  Oct – Avery Sorenson
    • Seasonal Flyers:  Summer Flyer Closed – 14,386 reached
    • Phillips County Branding: Next working group session 9/20/2017
    • Missouri River Country
      • Promotion winner was in Phillips County over Labor Day
      • Windfall Ad Agency and MRC Board meeting in Malta 9/19
  • Member Education and Investment
    • Non-profit Board training Oct 3, $15 includes dinner
    • Montana DEQ Solar Community Meeting – Sept 19 5:30 @  MBC (TONIGHT!)
  • Technology
    • Planning Fall Classes
  1. Old Business
  • 501 Application Submitted
  1. New Business
  • Kathie Bailey, Montana PTAC, Government Contracting 101
    • The government, (local, state or federal) purchases many items and services.
      • Think: plumbers, electricians, contractors, automotive service and repair, painting, fencing, lawn care, food and beverage, TVs and electronics, hardware supplies, etc.  Almost anything you can think of, the government buys it.
    • If you are not currently registered in the appropriate systems to provide your goods and services to the government, contact Kathie at Snowy Mountain Development Center in Lewistown or the Montana PTAC website for contact information.
    • Their services are free of charge and they can help you navigate the world of government contracting, as another line of your business.


  • Vote – Person of Influence – Hold Until October Meeting, will vote for two people.

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