Members Meeting – Sept 2016

Tuesday September 20, 2016

Malta Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting

Westside Restaurant



  1. Call to order- Dina Meneely
  2. Member Round Robin
  • Art’s – BAH went well. Remodeled flooring area.  Art’s retirement Oct 13.
  • Veseth – Keep us in mind for y our dental needs
  • PCN – remember new residents get 6 month trial subscription
  • Scout Energy – hosting the Innovate Malta event on Sept 21
  • Extension Office – Nov is the wool meeting and will be moderating the ag panel at the Tech Roundup
  • Bruce Barbour – here to listen to FWS speaker
  • Art Spot – focus on Art Intsallation for HiLine grant. Heritage Art show coming in December
  • RSA – great turnout for first PC Proud event. Appx 225 people attended-//p fgu

III. Committee and Administrative Reports

  • Merchants
  • Business After Hours –Oct 17 Avon/Alison’s Pantry
  • Rotating Selfie Spot Poster with Quarterly $50 Dino$ Drawing
  • Sports
    • None
  • Membership
    • Online Renewal Option Sept Renewals Out Via Email, Reminders out Hardcopy
  • Tourism and Marketing
    • Board Approved Marketing Plan for 2016/2017
    • PCLifestyle – Sept article on Selfie Spots
    • Border Sign – Final Design Phase
    • Historic Walking Tour Brochure  - Printed!
  • Member Education and Investment
    • Fall Community Education Classes – survey complete 50+ respondents
      • Finalizing classes and presenters
    • 5 additions to free online course catalog are up!
  • Technology
    • Innovate Malta Roadshow with Triple Dog Brewing – Sept 21 5pm Scout
    • Technology Roundup – Sept 22  @ Malta Business Center
      • Come one come all, stay all day or just a few minutes!


  1. Old Business
  • Hands Only CPR – go online or contact PCH to schedule training
  • HiLine Arts Trail – request for December Heritage art show pieces – contact Art Spot



  1. New Business/Discussions
  • Person of Influence presentation– Don Bagley
    • Congratulations!
  • Bridget Nielsen – Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge’s Conservation Programs
    • 548 national wildlife refuges CMR is one of the largest, overseen by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
    • Wildlife production Areas are in part funded by purchase of Duck Stamps for hunting. $24.95 of the $25.00 stamp cost goes directly support the program, on .05 to overhead costs
    • All lands are open to hunting, bird watching and tourism. Which is on the increase
    • Conservation Easement programs: FWS leases land from landowner (landowner maintains private ownership) and the land is set aside for habitat and protected for future generations
    • Bowdoin Refuge – strong hunting area as well as popular for bird watching (particularly in spring) and wildlife photography
      • Office open from 7:30-4:30 M-F
      • Conduct bird research and banding
      • Host education workshops and school groups
      • Offer summer and seasonal employment

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