Members Meeting – February 2016

Tuesday February, 16, 2016

Malta Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting – Minutes

Westside Restaurant


I.  Call to order- President Travis Rhoads.

II. Member Round Robin

  • PCMS – MDRA meetings Mar 3-5, bringing 60 people to Malta. PCMS annual meeting is in April.  Looking at a beautification grant once determine what want to do with the old IB bank building.  Will have a track work day in April
  • Center – have a beatification grant for seamless gutters on building. Looking at a NW Energy grant to assist with security lights.  Starting new activities like coffee clatch, quilting and knitting sessions.  In April will host, an open to the public fraud workshop through AARP, Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner is coming up in March.  Looking at a grant from Microsoft to fund a computer and internet access account costs.
  • Tulips and Treasures – thank you to the community for the support through our first Valentine’s day!
  • Kiwanis – helping out at tournaments. On Feb 25, school is out early and Kiwanis will be working with Dirt Daubers and BGC with an art project.
  • Veseth – “Don’t wait until it hurts!”
  • PCN – Closed for Tournaments. They will do book reviews – if you or someone you know has written a book and needs reviews, send them to the PCN.  If there is a hard copy version, they will write the review, then donate the book to the Library
  • Triangle – Encourage the Chamber to write a letter in support of keeping the port of Raymond open, so that there is more than one 24 hours port crossing in Montana.
  • GP Dino Museum – Have a lead on a new Paleontologist and looking for some help with local staff. Requests for Dino Digs this summer (both for adults and kids) are up!  Tentative to open on May 1.  Looking for new board members.
  • FSB – fed examination coming up, and preparing for that. March 6-12 is Consumer Protection week, will see information from FSB on that upcoming event.
  • Westside – Finishing up renvations and store reset is scheduled for March. They are attending a Food Show in May
  • Dairy Queen – Held a successful Gift cholocates giveaway for Valentine’s day. Looking at multi-syrup dispenser machine, would be something new to the area.
  • PhillCo – Continuing to revamp the website. There is a State small business conference in Harve March 15 and 16.  Annual meeting is April 15
  • 1st Security Bank – Nothing new
  • Independence Bank – Successful Valentine’s day drawing
  • KMMR – will be busy with tournaments.
  • Montartica – bringing a freestyle motocross show to Malta on front street during the FSB Car Show on June 4


III. Committee and Administrative Reports

  • Merchants
  • PC Lifestyle Campaign
    • PCLifestyle concept. This incorporates, not just shopping local but choosing local and investing in our community.  Moore’s is working on a logo, and we will promote it with regular articles in the local media and social media.
    • Two promotion concepts will be
      • “how does $50 x 12 = $1,000,000?” Meaning if each of our county’s 1846 employable population opted to spend $50 of their current monthly budget within the county, and not outside, after a year if would put $1.1 million into our local economy.
      • Follow the Money – a waterfall that shows how one choice to invest locally can have a huge impact.
    • Once the logo is created, we will do a forma launch, and start to provide the brand and add it to our materials. We will also use #PCLifestyle to promote the brand online, and have people tag us in choices they make, or just how they enjoy our community.
    • If you are interested in joining this committee, let Dina know.
  • March, April, May, June Promotions
    • March – Shop Hop – the week of Easter, a late night opening, either Monday or Tuesday
    • April – Sip and Stroll/Home Décor Show
    • May – Mother’s Day Basket Giveaway (unless we can come up with another idea)
      • Move away from Minute to Win It, over concerns from not being able to utilize other businesses for the shopping spree, and hard to share return on participating.
    • June – Father’s Day Basket Giveaway (unless we can come up with another idea)


  • Sports
    • Basketball Tournaments –
      • Feb 18-20 and Feb 25-27
      • Contact Sharon Young to Volunteer for Blue Vest or hospitality Room
      • Creating Flyer for Local Businesses for Feb 25-27– contact Moore’s if want to purchase ad space
      • Setting up Wednesday at 1pm if want to help
      • Thank you to Sharon Young for coordinating Volunteers and Carly Prestwich for coordinating the Food Donations and to Sharon Kindle for managing the Hospitality room.
  • Membership
    • Welcome Montana Grafix
  • Tourism
    • Follow maltamtchamber on Instagram – if you have pictures you would like to share, send them to Dina
    • redesign continuing – should be ready to soft launch in 1-2 weeks
      • Will send a message out when ready, so that you can preview your listings and let us know of any changes.  Look for formally launch during Ag Day.
    • Harlem Ambassadors Basketball – May 2 7pm
      • Comedy Style basketball program
      • Looking for a local team to play against the Ambassadors
      • We will potentially have VIP tickets and Tickets to have Dinner with the teams
      • Considering an elementary school assembly the morning of the event, with a stay off drugs message.
  • Business After Hours


  1. Old Business
  • MEDA meeting and training update
    • Thank you to all the Champions who spoke and all the people who put work into their focus areas this year.  The update was very well received, and the MEDA folks were impressed with the progress.  T
    • The Tourism/Commerce training was attended by about 20 people and included a lot of variety from the community.  We have some great ideas already in the works, like selfie spots.  Also looking to have sign on Canadian border replaced, based on information from that training.
  • Connected Community Challenge update
    • Finalizing plans for overall community technology needs and how to spend the $2500 grant. Ideas include a tech fair event with follow after education classes, public wi-fi access, assistance for the Sr Center and HLRC and library access
    • Next meeting is Feb 29 at 6:30pm at the Library basement




  1. New Business/Discussions
  • Preview of 2016 New Programs
    • Mentoring, Phillips County Leadership, Adult Education, Online Courses
    • Marketing and Tourism, Website, Facebook, Partnerships, PC Lifestyle, Tech Fair
    • With all these new and continuing programs, we need your active help, ideas and interest! We are looking to start two new standing committees (see below).  These will meet periodically to help move our programs forward.  If you have an interest in either, please let Dina know.
  • Standing Committee Formation
    • Marketing and Tourism
    • Education and Training
  • Monthly Training Session
    • Elevator Speech Development Continued
    • What are the Disadvantages/Drawbacks of Doing Business Elsewhere? Or in an Urban Area?
      • Lots of spend on gas/time to go from store to another across town
      • Lose personal touch
      • Impact of distance – driving from one place to another
      • Child safety issues in stores and parking lots and streets
      • Family safety
      • Lack of customer service and lack of product expertise
      • Return policies or issue with a product, probably not going to get money back in 30 days
      • Delivery and install options are limited and at times not convenient
      • Security of transactions is much lower, you don’t know who you are dealing with
      • Higher turnover rates
      • Crowds and stress
      • More difficult to open a business for licenses, space requirements, etc.
      • Parking issues are much more prevalent, and normally is paid parking
    • Next month will talk about how our area solves these drawbacks.


  • Person of Influence Voting
    • Voting Completed, person to be notified and attend next month’s meeting


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