Members Meeting August 2017

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Malta Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting

Westside Restaurant


  1. Call to Order
  2. Member Round Robin – held because of Mayor round robin

III. Committee and Administrative Reports

  • Merchants
  • Merchants Survey Completed
    • Summary article out next week
    • Results discussed and sent to Merchants, encourage individual follow up with results.
  • Crazy Days – successful, windy at end of day
    • Next year, $35 per booth fee for non-members
  • Parade of Lights/Octoberfest – Oct 27
  • Sports
  • Arts
    • Arts Trail Mural – looking to fund distribution and spring installation
  • Membership
    • Dues:  $7020.00 Scrip:  $420.00
      • Renewals: Phillips County Insurance, American Prairie Reserve, Central Avenue Pit Crew
      • New members: Donny’s Framing Shop
    • New Member Drive 2017 – mail out/personal contact with $50 one year rate
  • Tourism and Marketing
    • 1,259 Facebook Likes,  575 Instagram Followers
    • Summer Flyer – 10,454 reached
    • Phillips County Branding Survey open 8/16-8/30
  • Member Education and Investment
    • Montana PTAC – scheduling a September workshop
  • Technology
    • Fall Technology Fair On Hold
    • Planning Fall Classes


  1. Old Business
  • 501 Application Submitted


  1. New Business
  • Mayoral Candidate Roundtable
    • Gary Knudsen, John Demerais and Kathy Bagely in attendance
    • Eddie Havre and Chris Judd were unable to attend due to other obligations
    • Questions asked: What is your vision for Malt and Phillips County, what are the key areas that you would like to work on.  What are the skills that you bring to the job and what would you do the first day on the job?  What technology would you use to increase communication with your constituents.
    • Follow up with the Article in the PCN on responses to questions.

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