Malta Merchants November 2016

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

Nov 2, 2016 Stretch’s Pizza

Approve Minutes  - as read

Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • PCLifestyle Campaign Update
      • November/December articles – Holly to Our Jolly and Each Weekend Highlights
    • Business After Hours
      • November – Avon/Alison’s Pantry Nov 14
      • December – Promises
    • Mailout Brochures
    • Phillips County in Winter Flyer


Old Business

  • Selfie Spot Contest – hold till January
  • Parade of Lights Feedback
    • Winners: Hardware Hank,  Big Flat Electric, Valley Drug – prizes forthcoming
    • Over 60 dozen donuts sold, almost all caramel apples, chili sold well

New Business

  • Holiday Promo Website – Send any promotions as we go
  • Holiday Committee Update
    • PCN Flyer/KMMR/Moore’s/Facebook – Week of Nov 9 the Clip and Save Goes out
    • What’s Happening being scheduled
    • KMMR/PCN – article on Holly to Our Jolly in Nov 9
    • Nov 28 BGC will do Santa’s workshop, with childcare for late night shopping
    • Key club wrapping on Dec 5th. Lit Club may wrap the rest of the nights
    • Dec 3 – vendor show at the Museum
    • Dec 4 – Heritage Art Show, artist quick draw, kids show and live auction
  • Button Update
    • Will be coming around to sell them first part of November
  • December Meeting? Officer Elections?
    • If you are interested in an officer position (1 year term, president and vice president) please let Dina know. We will have elections at January meeting

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