Malta Merchants Meeting May 2017

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

May 3, 2017

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes – as read

In Attendance – Jacy, Kathy B, Kathy O, Dara, Eric, Mark, Kaylee, Julie…meeting shortened due to unexpected School Closure on May 3


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Billboard 191 S, Billboard Hwy 2 both in print
    • Spring Carousel Ad – Out for April and May
    • Art’s Trail Mural Application Update
    • Beginning branding project planning with PhillCo
    • Any magnets – give to Jacy, she will showcase on her freezers – free advertising
  • Business After Hours – May 4 5-7pm at Patty’s
    • June – tentative PCMS
    • July- tentative Radio Shack/Family Matters



Old Business

  • Selfie Spot Contest
    • First drawing winner- Gina Lamb
    • Spot is at Art Spot
    • Highlight winner and article for PCN/FB
  • Mothers/Fathers Day Drawing – basket in Chamber window
  • Crazy Days – July 29
    • Consider street closures and event insurance at May meeting
      • Close the park side to parking only.
    • Also what will the status of the water project be, availability of parking on the street and water at the park.
      • Mark talked with Shyla – no guarantees, but plan to have park and water available for Crazy days. Will need to check back as we get closer.
      • Consider speaking with Jane Ereaux and the Mint to see if we could use their parking lots if the park is not available.


New Business

  • Survey for New Product Lines
    • Survey feedback and adjusted based on meeting feedback
    • Dina to create survey to be inserted into PCN, that can be turned into the Chamber office
      • Dina to create an article to go along with the survey
    • Launch the week after Memorial Day
  • Tourism Ideas – did not cover, will do in June meeting….
    • Create customized tours and experiences
      • Haunted Streets of Malta?
      • Star gazing telescope for a summer night event?
      • Brochure experience packs
        • Outdoors
        • Birding
        • History
      • Visitor Passports
        • Get a stamp at various locations and discount coupons for places
        • If passport full, get a “prize, badge, certificate”
          • Attend a Branding, Calving or Other Ranch Experience
          • Visit the Phillips County or Great Plains Dinosaur Museum
          • Swim at the Sleeping Buffalo
          • Walk on the prairie or a Malta trail
          • Visit Zortman or Landusky
          • Float, Fish or sit on the bank of the Milk River
          • Explore the Missouri River and CMR
          • Visit the Chet Huntley/Immanuel Lutheran Church in Saco
          • Attend the Phillips County Fair

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