Malta Merchants Meeting April 2017

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

April 5, 2017

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes – as read

In attendance – Alisha, Avery, Kaylee, Mardy, Lori, Eric, Kathy O, Amanda, Valene, Jacy, Dina


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Billboard 191 S – boating on Missouri River
    • Billboard Hwy 2 – designing and repairing – MTDOT notice received
    • Spring Carousel Ad – Out for April and May
    • Art’s Trail Mural Application Update
    • #maltamt window stickers were a hit at Ag Day , considering ordering
  • Business After Hours – May 4 5-7pm at Patty’s



Old Business

  • Selfie Spot Contest
    • First drawing – end of April
    • Spot is at Westside Sports, then PC Museum
    • Might be good to do an article on what a hashtag is and how to use it
  • Mothers/Fathers Day Drawing – get items ready
  • Crazy Days – July 29
    • Consider street closures and event insurance at May meeting
    • Also what will the status of the water project be, availability of parking on the street and water at the park.


New Business

  • Memorial Day Parade Coming up – be sure to decorate your shops in red/white/blue
  • Survey for New Product Lines
    • Should we consider a survey that asks the community what products they go out of town to buy or order online?
    • Dina to create survey and put out for review prior to next meeting.
  • Highlights from State Tourism Conference that Dina attended
    • Overall data from 2016 state
      • Tourists come for day hikes, wildlife, scenic drives, history to Phillips County
        • To our region, they are looking for hiking, dino sites, star gazing and hot springs – how are we focusing on these to attract visitors?
      • 50% travelers want nature or rural destinations, but don’t want to work hard to get there
      • MT is a little mysterious, not touristy, but can be expensive
      • Family travelers and affluent travelers likely to come to MT
    • Advertising strategy
      • Top of mind awareness for day and weekend visitors
      • Travel is booked in winter, for big trips. Market to MN, ND, early
      • Later in summer season, focus on local day trippers
    • Create customized tours and experiences
      • Haunted tours, inside buildings, unusual attractions
      • Brochure experience packs
      • Top 5 and Top 10 experiences
      • Visitor Passports
        • Get a stamp at various locations and discount coupons for places
        • If passport full, get a “prize, badge, certificate”
      • Additional self-guided tours
    • Social Media
      • 3-7 seconds to capture attention, video more prevalent
      • Update google/yelp/trip advisor
      • Maps added to FB/Instagram pictures
      • Guest ‘grammers
    • Branding Discussions
      • What do you think of when you think of PC, what can you do?
      • Survey and questionnaire for
      • Results help us determine what people think of PC, and what we want to be known for
    • Like idea of passport, Mardy has some ideas she will get to Dina
    • School may have star gazing telescope for a summer night event
    • Dina will package brochures into experiences
    • May consider a haunted tour night as well


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