Malta Merchants – May 2016

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2016

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes – as read

In Attendance: Avery, Jacy, Alisha, Art, Lori, Mark, Eric, Kathy O., Dina


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • PCLifestyle Campaign Update
      • Start in June with first video
    • Historic Walking Tour meeting end of April
      • Locations finalized, finishing layout and commentary
    • Any updates to community calendar?


Old Business

  • Home Show Feedback
    • Some vendors had better days than others.
    • Jacy will follow up with them to participate in Crazy Days
    • Think that some people thought would have to pay museum admission to attend, but that wasn’t the case.
    • Had vendors from Malta, Glasgow and Hinsdale
  • Mother’s Day Style Show
    • 12-15 more people than last year. 63 models.
    • Need to time models to not arrive as early
    • Good sales for the day overall
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Promotion Progress
    • Mother’s Day winner – Shirley Dunbar
    • Father’s Day – Dina will pick up remaining items from Merchants, and send out a flyer to put out with the tickets, two weeks prior to Father’s day.
      • Basket will be on display in Chamber office window



New Business

  • PC Museum Antiques and Collectibles Sale July 23 at the HG Robinson House, placed on community calendar
  • Business After Hours – get ahead of time to PCN and they will cover it
    • May BAH – at Patty’s Floral on May 5 till 7 pm, please attend.
    • June BAH – PCMS to showcase new building. Dina to confirm date with Marty Lundstrom
    • July BAH – Family Matters and Todd’s Technology – July 14 till 7pm
  • Memorial Day – judges and prize money- Dina will follow up with Directors to see what they recommend and approve.
  • 4th of July – hours and days open are up to the individual merchants.
  • Dancing With the Stars – fundraiser event idea shared by Mark. Successful in other towns.  Local people sign up, and learn how to dance, then have dance contest.
  • Crazy Days Prep
    • Finalize Date, July 30, park vendors from 9am-1pm, stores open usual hours
    • Changes/Improvements from Last year
      • Food Vendors
        • See if we can get food vendors or do walking tacos again.
      • In The Park Participants
        • Include vendors from museum show and jacy’s list
        • Get PCN the list and times, they will print
      • Entertainment/Music – rent sound system from Todd’s Technology

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