Malta Merchants – March 2016

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting Minutes
March 2, 2016
Stretch’s Pizza

Approve Minutes – February 2016 Minutes - approved as read

Old Business
• THANK YOU for tournaments!
o Positive feedback from food. Feedback from shoppers that Malta is a friendly and nice place to visit. Shopping was steady through weekend, with Saturday being mixed (some businesses busier than others).
• PCLifestyle Campaign Update
o Logo update – Moore’s is finalizing logo
o Hashtag use - #PCLifestlye and #maltamt on Facebook and Instagram, will catalog all our postings about the area
o County branding – Ashley and PhillCo are interested in partnering and using the PCLifestlye program, not just as shop local, but a whole county branding and marketing effort. More details and what we will need to do will be after the logo is approved.
• Review first calendar draft
o Nothing to add for now. Dina has placed all events on the chamber community calendar
• Historic Walking Tour update
o Kathy, Lori and Dina met and are working on the tour brochure. They will meet again in April. They defined about 12 historic spots in town. This will become a paper brochure to hand out at the museum, as well as an audio tour that is posted on the chamber website.
o Recommendation to include information on German Prisoners held near the Scout House in Trafton Park
• Website soft launch update
o Let Dina know of any additional changes/edits
New Business
• Chamber/Merchants at Ag Day Booth
o Showcase website and upcoming programs/events
• Set Shop Hop Date Mar 21 from 5-8pm
o Include a $100 Dino Dollar giveaway (no cost to business)
o Dina to reach out via email to businesses to make them aware of giveaway and who will participate
o Giveaway process:
 Merchant’s Place ads in PCN and SS with a small clip and save slip weeks of Mar 9 and 16
 Shoppers bring in slip, write their name and number on it
 Make purchase and merchant collects the slip
 Dina/Jacy will be around to pick up the slips on Mar 22 and draw winner
• They will contact winner and send Dino Dollars
• Approve Sip and Stroll/Home Show and Date
o Home Show is scheduled for Apr 23. We will continue to discuss a Sip and Stroll, there seems to be some interest. Perhaps we can pair it with the launch of the Historic Walking Tour, or some other event/theme.
• Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Basket Giveaway
o Bring items/Gift cards to April meeting
o At April meeting, consider purchasing daffodils for all women who come into stores on Saturday before Mother’s day. Consider a ugly tie or worst dressed dad contest – online for father’s day
• Ms. Carnahan from A Fine Line Autobody may have rental car now available. Dina will contact her to confirm and determine if we can direct people her way.

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