Malta Merchants January 2017

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting

Jan 4, 2017

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes  - as read

In Attendance:  Avery, Mardy, Lori, Mark, Kaylee, Julie, Danni, Jacy, Valene, Eric, Dara, Alisha, Kathy O., Dina


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • Mailout Tourism Brochures
    • Phillips County in Winter Flyer
    • Billboard Complete
    • Business After Hours - Open Months Available
      • BAH in December has light attendance, and considering a revamp for next one.
      • Family Matters and Todd’s – July BAH



Old Business

  • Selfie Spot Contest
    • Two week intervals, with $50 Dino Dollars at end of each quarter.
    • Must take pic with selfie sign and #pclifestyle or share to Chamber page to enter.
    • Dina to create rotation for Merchants
    • You can choose to not post it in your shop. If so, just bring it to the next shop on the list.
    • Benefits – put sign next to products you are looking to highlight or move. Can move it throughout store during your time.
    • Merchants Responsibility – once your time is up, bring it to the next shop on the list.
    • Let Dina know if you want a certain 2 week window. Will start by reviewing and handing out sign at Feb.1  Merchants Meeting.
  • After Action Report of Holidays
    • Holly to Malta’s Jolly
      • Great response. Different crowd and relaxed atmosphere.
      • Next year, do 100 bags
      • Tentative date of nov 19
      • Time from 11-3? Need to finalize next year
    • Capture the Holiday Moment
      • Lighter response, maybe too long or didn’t know about it.
      • Need to do earlier in the day, lost light for pictures
      • Julie and Mardy sending thank you cards to photographers.
    • I Spy
      • 11 entries, but assuming more participating but didn’t turn in
      • Need to have more structure around the cards and answers
      • Easy program, not a lot of work on merchants, and can highlight a product or line in the store.


  • Can Drive
    • Ended up with about the same amount of donations that we do without the community group competition.
    • Think that there are already lots of groups that raise donations, and stretched too thin.
    • Likely will go back to KMMR coupons on Monday night only.
  • Kids Weekend
    • Good turnout, even with cold weather, not much that merchant’s responsible for
  • Buttons
    • All were sold to the merchants, but merchants sold less than in previous years.
    • Strong consideration to go back to “be present to win” and three minute intervals for button numbers.
    • Need to have prize amounts and be 18 to purchase on tree signs
    • Merchants- keep your trees until next year.
    • Could add a “Button Button” promotion to replace Can drive. Merchants (sim to food bank coupon) offer a certain amount off if you present your Chamber button during that Monday night.
  • Advertising and Communication
    • Encourage to stay open during week leading to xmas, seemed to be busiest for shoppers.
    • Sundays – 11-3 seems to be the strongest hours to be open overall
    • Need to use Parade of Lights as kickoff for all holiday promos. Have the details ready
    • Keep using all forms of media, including articles for each week’s events.
      • Good feedback from PCN articles and What’s Happening coverage
    • Keep using the small cards/magnets with the events, clip and save
    • Dina to create a Merchants closed group on Facebook.
      • Can talk about hours will be open, concerns, issues and ideas.
      • This in addition to the traditional email correspondence
      • Merchants can post their questions, and keep one place to check – esp during holidays, it was hard to know who was open and for what hours.
      • Could also use to let each other know what is on special or promoting at a certain time.
    • 2017 Holiday Weekend TENTATIVE Dates:
      • Nov 19 –Bags
      • Nov 27 – None (keep open this after Black Friday)??
      • Dec 4
      • Dec 11
      • Dec 18
      • Xmas eve is the next Monday

New Business

  • Election of Officers President and Vice President
    • Kathy 1st and Eric/Dara 2nd Motion to keep officers as is.
      • Jacy – President, Avery VP
    • Calendar Events for 2017
      • Send your events to Dina so can have up to date 2017 events.
    • How Merchants Give Back Flyer (Shopping Local All Year Round is Rewarding)
      • List of which organizations and groups the Merchants give to each year.
        • Send Dina your list or post on FB group
      • Show impact of how Merchants give back and support the community
      • Make tie that as you support your Merchants – this is the direct impact they are able to make back to the community
      • Dina to create a flyer with the list and be ready for Feb Merchants meeting.
      • Go out to local media, Facebook and print outs for each merchant to have in shop.


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