Malta Merchants – February 2016

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting Agenda
February 6, 2016
Stretch’s Pizza

Approved Minutes – January 2016 Minutes
In Attendance: Jacy, Kasey Knudsen, Lori, Alisha, Avery, Eric, Mark, Danni, Kathy O., Kathy B., Dina

Old Business
• Shop at Home Campaign Update
o Danni and Dina met and created the PCLifestyle concept. This incorporates, not just shopping local but choosing local and investing in our community. Moore’s is working on a logo, and we will promote it with regular articles in the local media and social media.
o Two promotion concepts will be
1)“how does $50 x 12 = $1,000,000?” Meaning if each of our county’s 1846 employable population opted to spend $50 of their current monthly budget within the county, and not outside, after a year if would put $1.1 million into our local economy.
2)Follow the Money – a waterfall that shows how one choice to invest locally can have a huge impact.
o Once the logo is created, we will do a forma launch, and start to provide the brand and add it to our materials. We will also use #PCLifestyle to promote the brand online, and have people tag us in choices they make, or just how they enjoy our community.
o If you are interested in joining this committee, let Dina know.

New Business
• 2016 Events/Promotion Calendar Discussion
o March – Shop Hop – the week of Easter, a late night opening, either Monday or Tuesday
o April – Sip and Stroll/Home Décor Show
o May – Mother’s Day Basket Giveaway (unless we can come up with another idea)
- Move away from Minute to Win It, over concerns from not being able to utilize other businesses for the shopping spree, and hard to share return on participating.
o June – Father’s Day Basket Giveaway (unless we can come up with another idea)
o June 4 – FSB Car Show – Need to determine if Merchants/Chamber want to do a booth
o July – Crazy Days

• Wine Walk - Spring Event
o Yes we will look to do this in April and will need to coordinate with Liquor Haven and shops as we get closer.
o Need to set a ticket price for attending.
o Change to Sip and Stroll – because some shops may not choose to serve alcohol

• BAH Discussion
o BAH will become wrapped within PCLifestyle, it will be an option for any business to have an event, but not something we will push to include each month. It remains a tool in our toolbox, for special events, openings or promotions.

• Historical Walking Tour Brochure
o Dina, Kathy B. and Lori are working on a Historical Walking Tour brochure for Malta, they are getting their respective piece together and will reconvene in April to finalize the stops. IF you are interested in joining this committee let Dina know.

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