Malta Merchants – April 2016

Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting Agenda

April 6, 2016

Stretch’s Pizza


Approve Minutes – as read

In Attendance: Mark, Marty, Dina, Jacy, Art, Lori, Avery, Greg, Kathy O, Alisha


Committee Updates

  • Marketing and Tourism
    • PCLifestyle Campaign Update
      • Videos for people and businesses Facebook and print/radio
        • Ask interview questions like: why do you do business here, where is your favorite place to shop, what are the best activities in the area
        • Start in June with first video
        • If know anyone or business who would like to be featured, contact Dina
      • Historic Walking Tour meeting end of April
        • Story format
        • Warren Taylor for voiceover
        • Will be posted on website and in brochure
      • Border Sign
        • PhillCo, Chamber and other groups coming together to repaint sign
        • Cattlewomen and Stockgrowers may be interested in supporting
        • Remember – Missouri River Country has grant money that may be able to be used here
      • Any updates to community calendar?


Old Business

  • Ag Day booth – Feedback?
    • Went well. Cattlewomen revisiting their pie bake off
  • Shop Hop – Feedback?
    • Not all shops were busy, and it tailed off at about 6:15pm
    • For future, do we need to be consistent every year with the same date?
    • Do we try to do Thursday or Friday nights, right after the papers come out? Is a Monday/Tuesday too far from when you see something in the paper to remember to go out
  • Chamber Website Advertising available $120 for the year
    • The money here goes directly back to Merchants/Chamber to fund our programs!
  • Harlem Ambassadors May 2 – tickets now available
  • Home Show – April 23 at PC Museum
    • 9 vendors confirmed (ex. Pampered Chef, Avon, etc.)
    • Contact Jacy if you want to be included


New Business

  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Basket Giveaway
    • Dina will come around to shops the week of April 25 to collect anything you want included in the basket (both for mother’s and father’s day)
    • Dates to start advertising – Apr 25/May2 for Mother’s Day then June 6/June 13 for Father’s day
    • With any purchase, have shopper write their name and phone on a ticket
      • Let Dina know if you need tickets, any will do
    • Dina will come around the Saturday before Mother’s Day/Father’s Day to collect the tickets
    • Winners drawn on Mother’s/Father’s day at 2pm and announced on KMMR
  • Memorial Day Parade, May 30
    • From Carolyn Schmoekel
    • Thank you for all the work last year
    • Please decorate your shops in red, white and blue
    • BBQ will be $2
    • If you want to be in the parade, contact Carolyn
  • 4th of July Store openings
    • Thoughts on all closing July 2 through 4th?
    • Will talk about at next meeting, Dina will try to get some feedback while going around for basket drawing
  • Bad Check Passing
    • Made aware of some bad checks being passed in town
    • If you are passed a bad check, contact County Attorney Ed Amestoy as soon as possible. The office has a process to work with business owners who are passed bad checks.  There is a one year statute of limitations on the ability to criminally prosecute a bad check writer, so do contact the office quickly if you are passed a bad check.  They will take you through the next steps.

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