Members Meeting – July2016

Tuesday July 19, 2016

Malta Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting

Westside Restaurant



  1. Call to order- President Travis Rhoads
  2. Member Round Robin
  • IB – working on chip card reader and deposit capture
  • PCN – will have specials during Crazy Days
  • Art’s – will have Crazy Days trailer
  • PCH – hosting CPR trainings

III. Committee and Administrative Reports

  • Merchants
  • Business After Hours – July 14 Family Matters and Todd’s, June 23 PCMS
  • Father’s Day Drawing - Carl Kaasa winner
  • Crazy Days – July 30 9am to 1pm vendors in the park
  • Sports
    • None
  • Membership
    • Online Renewal Option – July Renewals Out Via Email, Reminders out Hardcopy
    • Membership Drive – 100 previous or non-members out hard copy
  • Tourism and Marketing
    • Dina creating marketing plan for 2016/2017
    • PCLifestyle – Articles out in PCN/Radio for Beat the Heat
    • Border Sign – Quotes from Montana Sign in at $1050, submitted grant to Missouri River Country for 50% of quote (hopefully approved today)
    • Historic Walking Tour Brochure  - finalizing edits
  • Member Education and Investment
    • Mentoring Program – Available now!
    • Phillips County Leadership Program – Canceled
      • Will offer just the leadership training courses as part of the fall Community Education Classes
  • Technology
    • Technology Roundup – Sept 22  @ Malta Business Center
      • Sponsorship Letters Out


  1. Old Business
  • New Overtime Rules – discuss at August meeting




  1. New Business/Discussions
  • Ticket Takers needed – Saturday at the Fair at 5pm – contact Eric Wilke
  • Rapid CPR Overview – Ward VanWichen, Phillips County Hospital
    • The Montana Cardiac Ready Community program works to ensure and promote collaboration with stakeholders including EMS services, hospitals, community leaders and the public to enhance the essential elements of the cardiac arrest Chain of Survival: 1) a public education campaign on heart attack signs and symptoms and the need to activate the 9-1-1 system; 2) citizen hands-only CPR; 3) public access to automatic defibrillation devices (AEDs); 4) training on high performance CPR for ambulance services and hospitals; 5) a system-wide data tool for quality measurement and improvement.
    • For Chamber members and the public our Cardiac Ready Community would be looking to provide Hands-Only CPR education training. Hands-only CPR is effective in keeping the body tissues alive because the compressions move the blood around the body and also push air out of the lungs, which allows oxygenated air to return to the lungs between compressions.  Hands-only CPR is appropriate for anyone who has started puberty through adulthood. Individuals, businesses, organizations and/or groups interested in learning those skills should contact the Phillips County Hospital and they will work with you to set up the training in the most appropriate venue for you.
    • Survey coming out to Chamber members on value of this program and next steps


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