Malta Merchants – January 2016

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Malta Chamber Merchant’s Committee Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2016

Stretch’s Pizza


Approved Minutes – November 2015 Minutes (no December Meeting Held)

In Attendance – Mark H., Danni H., Kathy O., Leslie S., Jacy S., Alisha G. Lori T., Dara W., Art L., Dina M.


Old Business

  • After Action Reports/Feedback
    • BAH – Promises
      • Good return for the number of people there
      • Overall – what are the goals of BAH and what do we want to see if look like for 2016. Tabled this discussion until Feb merchant’s meeting.
    • Late Night Openings
      • Monday’s were not super busy, will need to consider how we continue to get people in our stores. But overall, the Christmas season was strong.
    • Scrip
      • Up 10% over last year!
    • Buttons
      • Need quicker turn around on drawings to get to winners. Some discussion around whether to do multiple nights or keep at one night.
    • Overall Holiday Support
      • Ok

New Business

  • Store Decorating Contest Winners
    • First = Promises, Second = Family Matters, Third = Closet
    • Text to Vote did seem to work well
  • 2016 Meeting Schedules
    • Included in email, pick up from Chamber office if you need one
    • Also on Community Calendar
  • Website Redesign Update
    • Merchants Page will showcase the committee and promotions
    • Play and Stay Page will showcase what to do in Malta and encourage shopping
  • Nomination and Election of 2016 Officers
    • Re-elected Jacy as President and Avery as Vice President for 2016
  • Shop at Home Campaign
    • Create a committee to develop a year long program, dedicating 2016 to Shopping Local
    • Campaign will include various media and methods to promote the understanding of the importance of shopping local and keeping our community strong.
    • Lori Taylor, Danni Hill, and Dina Meneely volunteered to form committee. All other interested parties, contact Dina. Will hold first meeting end of January.
  • Preferred Credit Card Processors
    • Discussed benefits and drawbacks of several processor vendors and the inclusion of Chip readers.
  • Dino Dollar Discussion
    • Tabled until February
    • Held some discussion on ways to better track Dino Dollars
      • Tracking Numbers, or dated with year
    • Note that since they are considered gift certificates, we cannot put an expiration date on them.



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