Strategy and Objectives

Malta Chamber Strategy and Objectives


Why We Do Business Here and Why You Should Too!

  • We do business in the Malta area because we have all the necessities of life with a personal touch. It’s more than a place, it’s our community.
  • Whether it’s crowded roads, safety issues, or drains on your time to get from place to place, the choice to live and work in Malta solves those.
  • Our small community boasts big technology with high-speed internet and the ability to do business anywhere, in-store owners and managers who know their industries, and a strong sense of support for each other’s business.
  • If you want all this, wrapped up in a community that has vast amounts of outdoor recreation as well as cultural events, then the Malta area should be your next step.

What Does Chamber Do?

  • Support Our Members
  • Support the Community
  • Encourage New Business


Overall Strategy

We focus on creating value for our members through programs that will provide skill development for themselves and their employees, create visibility to available jobs and opportunities in our area.  We dedicate energy to tourism, promoting our area and its small town values, to populations outside of Malta.  Finally, we develop various programs that support and encourage our community to be active and engaged in investing in ourselves.


Program Goals

  1. Business Mentor Program (Supporting Members)
  1. Technology Fair (Supporting Members, Encouraging New Business)
  1. Job Fair for Malta Area (Supporting the Community, Supporting Members, Encouraging New Business)
  1. Educational Resources and Courses for Members
  1. Marketing and Tourism (Supporting Members, Encouraging New Business)
  2. Development of Standing Committees (Supporting Members, Encouraging New Business)


Marketing and Tourism Plan

Malta and the surrounding areas continue to increase the amenities and attractions available to visitors and travelers.  With comfortable and clean lodging, a luxurious soak in a hot springs, a hike in the mountains or on the prairies, delicious and unique restaurants, a step back in time through our museums or a distinctive shopping experience, Malta can meet many visitor’s needs.  We pride ourselves on our hospitality and customer service, to those we know and those we just met.

Visitors through Malta are looking toward destinations related commonly to Montana’s natural wonders. We have the opportunity to encourage them, while they are on their way, to stop and experience this vibrant small town, and the relaxing atmosphere we offer.

This plan positions Malta and the surrounding area to two markets. First, as a stop on the way to the “place”, with the hope that as travelers experience Malta, they want to come back to experience more.  Second, to position Malta as a local destination for Eastern and Central Montanans and southern Canadians who are looking for a unique weekend getaway.

The plan incorporates low-cost, but effective, efforts to build recognition of Malta’s amenities and attractions to the two defined audiences through website promotion, printed brochures, travel articles, vacation guides, press releases, blogs and partnerships.

This is the first step in a long- term focus on travelers and tourism in the Malta area.  Throughout this we want to maintain our integrity as a community, but promote our businesses and location as a place to do more than fuel up before continuing down the road.


   Marketing Strategic Goals

  • Promote Malta and Phillips County as a viable weekend destination and stop between the larger places
  • Increase visibility to Malta events and attractions through targeting marketing to Hiline and central Montana to encourage visitors coming through the area to stop, and to make Malta a local destination for weekend end trips.
  • Maintain current bed nights and ITRR levels
  • Work with PhillCo to establish TBID and partnerships with hotels in area
  • Increase ability to promote and invest in local events/programs

   Marketing Technical Goals

  • Complete Historic Walking Tour
  • Promote #PCLifestyle
  • Complete Border crossing billboard
  • Send out printed brochures
  • Create online vacation guide
  • Send out periodic newsletters/press releases
  • Submit articles to travel magazines.