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When Do You Want It Delivered?

My dishwasher finally gave up the ghost.  I needed a new one, and in a hurry.  I stopped by Malta Appliance and was able to select one of their in-stock models (they would have been happy to order me one, if they didn't have it in stock).  Then came the question, "when would I like it delivered and installed?"  I was hoping to maybe have it installed by the end of the week.  Wasn't I surprised when the sales clerk said that they would install it, and take my old one away, as soon as they got back from lunch!  By that afternoon, I was washing dishes again!

-Dina Meneely, Malta Resident


A Zortman Surprise!

I was traveling through Missouri River Country in September 2012. I had no problem celebrating my "golden birthday" on the road working, but I had no idea what I was in for!

I had never been to this area of the state, so everything was new to me. As the afternoon light started to fade, we were still driving through endless prairies; the destination unbeknownst to me. Then, as if out of nowhere, up popped these beautiful mountains! I was quickly introduced to the Little Rocky Mountains, which have now become one of my favorite ranges in Montana. A few more miles and I'd find myself rolling into Zortman, Montana. After a quick picture at the jailhouse, we landed at our destination, The Zortman Inn & Garage. What a sight this place is. I'm especially fond of the front sign that reads something to the effect of "Zortman, home to 48 really nice people and 1 old grump". Having little to no expectations on the way in, all I could think to myself was "damn, this place has character".

Upon checking in, I had mentioned to the wonderful gal at the front desk that it was my birthday that day. She wished me happy birthday and recommended we have dinner at the Miner's Club Café. We unpacked quickly and headed over to the café.

I WAS NOT prepared for what was waiting for us! There were at least 25 people there, waiting to wish me happy birthday! And to top it all off, someone had made me a cake! I had no ties or prior relationship with this community, and yet they all took the time to come out and make my 25th birthday the very best it could be! Since then, Zortman has been close to my heart…both the town, and more importantly, the people. Thank you Zortman for celebrating my "golden birthday" with me! I love you!

-Julie Walker, Montana Office of Tourism

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