What to Do for An Afternoon

Do you only have a few hours in our area?


Lunch, Shopping and History:  

Start out having lunch at our Great Northern Hotel.  The Oriental Chicken Salad is a local favorite, as is the GN melt.  You may want to walk around the lobby, dining room, and lodge room after you eat and take in their seasonal decorations, that are sure to knock your socks off!

Heading east out of the GN, you can walk along our downtown district.  Stop in at Family Matters to browse boutique clothing shopping at it's finest.

Stop next at Hardware Hank's. Don't let the name fool you, this shop has something for everyone, from kitchenware, gardening, toys and hunting/fishing supplies.  Don't forget to give their yellow lab a little scratch when you leave!

Continue down the street to Darla's 3 Sisters and step inside a historic building, complete with tin ceiling and rolling ladder to reach the highest shelves.  Grab an ice cream cone, if you have room!

Finally, cross Highway 2 to check out our two amazing museums.  The Phillips County Museum has an extensive collection of historical items from this area.  Their Native American Collection with the detailed beadwork is beautiful.  Stroll over to the H.G. Robinson house and gardens for a look back into Malta's history.  Continue down the street to see our Antique Modes of Transportation buildings and wonder about traveling Montana before our modern vehicles!  Before you leave, be sure to look through their gift shop for unique and Made in Montana items.  Across the parking lot, you can't miss our most colorful residents in front of the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum.  You will be thrilled to see the rich dinosaur history in our area, our famous Leonardo, from just north of town, and learn about adult and kids digs you can sign up for!



Dinner, Wildlife and a Soak:

You can't miss Stockman's Steakhouse for dinner, and you can never go wrong with their Dragon Tails - not sure what they are?  Well, you will have to go in and find out for yourself! While you are there, enjoy the pure western ambiance and click your heels on their wooden floor.

After a great meal like that, you will want to walk around a bit.  Take a short drive to Bowdoin Wildlife Refuge, just east of town on Highway 2 and follow their auto tour route to experience some of the country's best bird watching.  Get out and stretch your legs or stay in the car to drive the whole 13 mile loop.

If you have just a bit more time, continue on Highway 2 east for about 15 minutes until you come to the Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs.  The "Buff" was renovated in 2014 and is a gem of a facility!  If you are brave enough, spend a few minutes in their hot pool (normally 105 degrees or so) then plunge into their cold pool, at a refreshing ~55 degrees!




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